Software development with Delphi

We here at ERPwerk specialize on the development of Delphi Applications.
ERPwerk currently consists of a team of 13 Delphi developers with longtime experience developing robust, user friendly and performant software in Oldenburg or directly at our client's locations. As Embarcadero Consulting Partners we can revert to our expertise (back to the first Delphi versions) with complex corporate applications that run on Delphi with SQL Databases, with some currently running on up to 5000 setups.

Maintenance and Support

We support your existing legacy Delphi/SQL project and offer user support services (first, second or third level support) for small and big applications with up to 5000 installations. Request your custom offer.

  • Maintenance, revisions and further development of Delphi/SQL Applications (starting from Delphi 5)
  • Compliance with defined reaction times (SLAs)
  • Maintenance of SQL Databases
  • implementation of changes and upgrades
  • securing readiness for service
  • Modernisation and incremental transposition to C#
  • Different trades and industrial sectors (automotive, production, logistics, chemistry, fabrication, commerce, sales, machine construction and many more)
  • custom software solutions, individual solutions, standard software, interfaces
  • optimisation (performance, maintenance capabilities)
  • Experience from 13 years of Delphi development


  • mobile Apps with Delphi (IOS, Android)
  • Delphi Apps 32/64 bit, all Delphi Versions
  • Custom Software and Standard Software with Delphi
  • Interfaces
  • Applications for Machine Control and Automisation
  • Critical Applications that need to be relied upon for operational readiness
  • Automated testing
  • 3 Tier Applications with Delphi
  • Performance Optimisation

Project Support/Outsourcing

  • By providing development services
  • Supplementing your existing development team with our software developers (integration with scrum or comparable methods)
  • Specification or Implementation of Upgrades/Add-ons/Changes
  • Maintenance of Delphi Applications
  • Porting of existing Delphi Applications to C#
  • Maintenance and Support
  • UX Design

Modernising Legacy Delphi Applications

  • To current Delphi Versions (e.g. Delphi 7 to Delphi 11)
  • Enhancement of Maintenance capabilities and extensibility
  • Performance Optimisation


  • Unicode, 64 Bit
  • Other Database Systems: MS-SQL, Oracle, Firebird, Informix, Interbase, Sybase, Paradox, MS Access, MySQL, Postgre SQL
  • UX-Migration, e.g. by integration with Developer Express

Delphi for Cloud Services

  • Unicode, 64 Bit
  • Other Database Systems: MS-SQL, Oracle, Firebird, Informix, Interbase, Sybase, Paradox, MS Access, MySQL, Postgre SQL
  • UX-Migration, e.g. by integration with Developer Express


  • Not being reliant on just one developer in a certain project
  • professional communication by defining clear specifications and by using item tracking software. Personal conversations to establish requirement definitions on site with our customers
  • Experienced team of developers constantly availability
  • Rapid response time für support or maintenance inquiries (Hotline)
  • consultation for architecture design based on vast experience with Delphi Projects
  • Operations on site
  • Extensive knowlegde on performant and reliable Delphi components
  • Know-How transfer by giving Delphi trainings and workshops
  • Moderate Pricing by exploiting synergy effects
  • Marketing (SEO amongst others), sales and distribution and support services for standard software

Software Quality

We provide highest quality in Software Development by using:

  • Agile Development with e.g. Srum or Kanban
  • Error Management using tools and extensive manual and automated testing
  • Implementation of industry standards like object oriented programming (OOP) and object oiented design (OOD)
  • Backend and Database performance optimisation
  • Implementation of industry standards for designing graphical user interfaces (GUI)
  • Creation of documentation (eases accessibility for new developers to not be reliant on just one developer)
  • implementation of tested and reliable software architecture and clean database design
  • Implementation of versioning software while working on source code
  • Development in virtual machines, tracking with Git or SVN

Give us a call:   +49 441 777 729.


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